Buying Property In Dubai

Our A-Z buyer’s guide will help you familiarise yourself with the process so your purchase goes smoothly, and with no hidden surprises.

  1. Make an Enquiry

    When first contacting ERE HOMES you be welcomed by our friendly customer care department who will listen to your requirements and quickly and efficiently assign you to a dedicated property consultant. All our consultants are trained area specialists who deal exclusively in sales.

  2. Find the right property

    With over 1000 properties always available, our consultants will assess your property requirements and match suitable properties using their expertise and skill. Once matched we will email you full color property brochures for each suitable property for you to assess in your own time and at your own pace.

  3. Arrange financing

    In Dubai you are either a "cash buyer" or a "finance buyer". If you are purchasing unfinanced you must ensure your funds are readily available upon you finding the property you wish to purchase. If financing your purchase you must first obtain a preapproval. Our in-house mortgage advisors MENA, will take you through this stage of pre-approval.

  4. Accompanied Viewings

    Once your funding is arranged and in place our dedicated property consultants will accompany you or even come and collect you to take you to view the properties you have shortlisted. All viewings are accompanied by our area experts who will provide you with area brochures informing you of all amenities, facilities, schools and shops within your chosen development.

  5. Make an offer

    Once you have found your perfect property your consultant will negotiate the best price and most convenient transaction to suit both parties. When making a property offer you will be asked to present a refundable security deposit cheque, this is equivalent to 10% of the net purchase price you are offering, will not be cashed, and is held by ERE HOMES until your offer is accepted.

  6. Offer accepted

    With your offer now accepted the Escrow regulated contract will be prepared for you by Emirates Conveyancing. The contract outlines the terms, conditions and costs of the sale. You will be required to sign this legally binding agreement and your 10% deposit will be held by the Escrow agent for the duration of the contract.

  7. Conveyancing

    Emirates Conveyancing manage the sale process from signature through till transfer of ownership. Their team will take care of all of the process involved and will coordinate with banks, developers, finance settlements, arrange power of attorneys and maintain a central point of contact for you throughout the purchase. The complete process will take between 15 to 45 business days depending on the terms.

  8. No Objection Certificate

    This is the penultimate stage and the final permission required before the transfer of ownership can take place. Emirates Conveyancing alongside ERE HOMES will coordinate this process and accompany you with all parties the to the master developer to complete the final approvals. It is called an NOC and is a condition of all developers in Dubai.

  9. Transfer of ownership

    With the NOC completed you will receive a full statement in anticipation of the transfer of ownership appointment. The statement highlights the amounts to be paid to the seller and the final fees to be settled. On the agreed transfer date we will accompany you to the transfer office, with the seller, where you will take final ownership of your new property.

  10. Congratulations

    That's it you're done. You would have now purchased through ERE HOMES and in partnership with Emirates Property Conveyancing. We will be looking forward to working again for you on your next transaction and wish you a healthy and prosperous future in your new property.

AED 600,000
AED 150,000
12 years
Monthly Payment:
AED 1,437,494

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